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TechBAR!At the beginning of June 2001, 192 new TechBAR! units plus 120 upgrade kits were distributed to secondary schools, learning centres and other career-related locations across British Columbia.

The updated TechBAR! featured comprehensive information on careers in trades, technology and engineering plus three great videos and guides on education after high school, job outlooks and career planning.

The display was a product of ASTTBC's TechWORKS! Careers in Technology program in partnership with the following organizations who also provided career-related information.
Contributing partners

Industry Training and Apprenticeship Commission (ITAC) Note: Organization no longer exists.

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC) www.apeg.bc.ca/outreach

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) www.bcit.ca

BC Ministry of Advanced Education (MAE) www.gov.bc.ca/aett
Centre for Education Information (CEISS) www.ceiss.org

Contributing partners
Other contributing partners include:

BC Ministry of Education

Mid-Island Science, Technology and Innovation Council (MISTIC)

Innovation and Resource Centre, Prince George (IRC)

Foundation for Education & Advancement in Technology (FEAT)
Science Council of British Columbia

Other contributing partners

Previous contributors to TechBAR! include:

BC Information Science and Technology Agency (ISTA)

BC Hydro and Power Authority

BC Biotechnology Alliance Society (BCBA)

Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)

Feedback on TechBAR!

"A great display. Teachers - technical, science and CAPP - are using it as much or more than students!"

"Staff are impressed with the unit and resources. One staff member has reported that she has included the video as part of an assignment which she is tying in with the upcoming BCIT Open House. It's going to be great for career fairs and parent open houses."

"This is an excellent creation - I hope to see more like it for other [career] areas as well. Through TechBAR! my son found a program that offers civil, mechanical and building all in one - just the thing he was thinking of! 'Good Job' from a parent to TechWORKS!"

"Many of my students had no idea what many of these careers were. In the last week I had a student looking into geomatics, one into environmental technology and one into biotechnology thanks to TechBAR! The two-year diploma programs are very attractive to many of my students as are the starting salaries and job futures."

"On behalf of the staff in the Career Centers in SD #68 Naniamo - Ladysmith, I would like to thank you very much for the TechBAR!s that you recently delivered. Staff are thrilled and are already planning how to use them with various classes and groups within the school."

"There were some very positive comments from other group members about the TechBAR! - so much so that three junior high schools want them."

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