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TechWORKS! Secondary Education

TechWORKS! staff liaised with a coordinator from each school district, identifying work experience priorities and allocating matching placements on a shared basis. This approach provided maximum exposure to career awareness opportunities for students and career program staff. A close working relationship with the districts was one of the keys to the growth and value of TechWORKS!

Participating British Columbia school districts include:


#22 Vernon #42 Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows
#23 Central Okanagan #43 Coquitlam
#33 Chilliwack #44 North Vancouver
#34 Abbotsford #45 West Vancouver
#35 Langley #57 Prince George
#36 Surrey #61 Greater Victoria
#37 Delta #63 Saanich
#38 Richmond #68 Nanaimo - Ladysmith
#39 Vancouver #69 Qualicum
#40 New Westminster #75 Mission
#41 Burnaby #78 Fraser - Cascade

Benefits of TechWORKS! to School Districts

Access to placements that had traditionally been difficult to find.

Quality, well-defined placements with learning outcomes.

Greater career awareness opportunities for students, teachers and career coordinators.

Added value to existing career programs.
Participation in an initiative that fostered sharing of opportunities between districts and the exchange of career program ideas.

Feedback on the TechWORKS! Experience

"In School District 23 we have a strong commitment to bring relevance to the curriculum. We believe this allows students to better understand what they are being asked to learn, and ultimately apply. TechWORKS! provides this connection for the students."

Mike Darnbrough,
Community Facilitator,
School District #23
(Central Okanagan)

"Many [of these] students have been inspired to continue their studies to become technicians, technologists & engineers."

George Peary,
Director, Career Technical Centre,
School District #34

"For many students, a TechWORKS! placement is a personal turning point. We see students come back to school with focus and energy."

Pat Rosen,
Teacher-Career Education,
School District #35

"First-hand experience and exposure to the latest technology in a real-world setting are just not possible in a regular classroom setting. The TechWORKS! workplace opportunities not only allow students to develop skills and knowledge in the marketplace, but also acquaint them with the career possibilities in the field."

Carole MacFarlane,
Career Programs Coordinator,
School District #39

"The program has provided us with work experience placements that would normally be difficult, if not impossible for our district to get on its own. The structure of TechWORKS! gives employers the confidence to allow secondary students to do work experience with them."

Ron Lancaster,
Career Programs Coordinator,
School District #42
(Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows)

"This district has seen a significant growth of student interest in the technological fields... this can be attributed to the diverse, quality placements we are now able to offer."

Twylla Genest,
Work Experience Supervisor,
School District #43

"Through TechWORKS! we are beginning to expand our technology-based work experience opportunities. One student stated after his work experience that he knew what he wanted to pursue at college. Another was offered a job."

Rory Summers,
Career Education,
Prince George Secondary,
School District #57
(Prince George)

Benefits of TechWORKS! to Students

Offers quality work experience opportunities with hands-on experience.

Brings relevance to classroom-based learning.

Expands view of career possibilities.

Provides a connection between work experience and post secondary training programs.
Provides an invaluable introduction to the contemporary workplace including an awareness of the importance of essential workplace skills - reading, writing, oral communication, use of documents, thinking, continuous learning, teamwork, numeracy and computer use.

The Students Respond

"Now I understand that there are people who actually use chemistry after they leave school!"

"I have learned about the different aspects of the technological job market. This would have been impossible without technology hands-on experience."

"As a result of this placement, I am greatly interested in entering the field of gene therapy... the time in the lab was extremely beneficial and I was able to interact with a wide variety of staff."

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