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Technical specialists in site improvements surveys (SIS) determine the relative location of buildings, structures and natural features to land titles records and plans. Site improvements surveys are typically required by banks and other lending institutions as a condition of mortgage approval. These SIS surveys may also be required by municipal authorities as part of the building permit process.

Where Will You Work?

As a technical specialist in SIS, you would likely be self-employed and have your own surveying company. Alternatively, you might work for a BC Land Surveyor, an engineering company or municipality.

You will likely have a 40-hour work week and have similar working conditions to people employed in engineering survey or land surveying firms. You do about two-thirds of your work outside, taking survey measurements, and about one-third inside doing the computations and plan preparations. Travel is generally within the local community to job sites. You should be reasonably fit.

What Will You Need?

To pursue this career, you should come from a surveying background and have at least two years experience working for a British Columbia Land Surveyor or an ASTTBC certified member in site improvements surveys.

You need an aptitude for mathematics, physics and earth sciences. You must be able to think visually about geometric forms and be able to perceive pertinent detail in objects and drawings. Good motor coordination and finger dexterity is essential.

You should enjoy working with equipment and instruments at tasks requiring precision, analyzing information and finding innovative solutions to problems, taking a methodical approach, and supervising and coordinating the work of others.

Post Secondary Possibilities

Accredited Status

How Much Will You Earn?

Average annual salary: $70,000

How Does the Future Look?

The future of site improvements surveys is hard to predict, as many lending institutions are moving away from mortgage survey requirements.

Site improvements surveys should be viewed as an additional surveying qualification that identifies your total abilities in surveying.

How Can You Get Started?

In high school, be sure to take courses in English, mathematics, physics, computers and earth science.

Other Resources

  • Canadian Institute of Geomatics, ph: (613) 224-9851,
    web site: www.cig-acsg.ca


  • Check with your career facilitator or counsellor for other sources of information applicable to education options for this technology.
  • A prerequisite to becoming certified in Site Improvements Surveys requires registration with ASTTBC in geomatics or civil technology as an AScT, CTech or Associate member.
  • Salary figures indicated in the 'How Much Will You Earn?' section are extracted from ASTTBC's Member Compensation Survey or other Canadian sources applicable to the specific technology discipline. These figures are representative only; actual figures will vary depending on academic training, practical experience, job responsibilities and location of employment.
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