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Can you think of five things that the forest industry does besides cut down timber? Managing our forest resources involves planning which trees should be cut and which should be left standing. It involves planting seedlings and tending them, developing insect-resistant seed stock, monitoring streamside areas, engaging in fish enhancement programs, protecting endangered animals and much, much more.

Forest resources technologists and technicians work in areas such as forest engineering technology, silviculture, and fish, wildlife and recreation, to conserve forests as well as wildlife, water, recreation and cultural resources.

As a forest resources technologist or technician, you may work independently or perform technical and supervisory functions in support of forestry research, forest management and forest resources conservation and protection.

Some of the activities you might do as a forest resources technologist or technician are:

  • Conduct and supervise forest inventory cruises, surveys and field measurement following accepted scientific and operational procedures
  • Prepare or assist in preparing forest management and harvest plans using photogrammetric and mapping techniques
  • Plan and supervise construction of access routes and forest roads
  • Coordinate activities such as timber scaling, forest fire suppression, disease or insect control, or pre-commercial thinning of forest stands
  • Perform technical functions in silviculture and harvesting operations

Where Will You Work?

The majority of jobs in this area are offered by the provincial or federal governments and the forest industry. You will work both indoors and outdoors. In good weather you can accomplish your outdoor tasks. At other times, you will write up reports of your field experiments and may do some work in laboratories. You will also prepare various work plans and budgets for implementations in upcoming seasons.

As a forest resources technologist or technician, you might find yourself working in forestry, forest camps, parks, recreation areas, pulp and paper mills, and wood manufacturing plants.

Related occupations include surveyor, botanist, conservation officer, interpretive naturalist and forest fire technician.

How Much Will You Earn?

Technologist: $67,000/yr
Technician: $64,000/yr

How Does the Future Look?

Over the next 5 years the labour market will remain fair. Changes to forest practices have caused some uncertainty as to career opportunities.

How Can You Get Started?

In high school, be sure to take courses in math, English and science.

What Will You Need?

To pursue this career you should be organized, have a commitment to continuous learning and enjoy detailed work. You need good oral and written communication skills. You should also develop independence and leadership skills.

Post Secondary Possibilities

Accredited Status
Renewable Resources
Forest Resources
College of New Caledonia Forest Resources Technologist Forest Resources
Malaspina University-College Forest Resources Technologist Forest Resources
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology Natural Resources Technologist Forest Resources
Northwest Community College Forest Technology Technologist Forest Resources
Northwest Community College Integrated Resources Management Recognized Forest Resources
Selkirk College Forestry Recognized Forest Resources


  • Programs listed are those accredited by the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC); check www.asttbc.org for updates on accredited programs.
  • Check with your career facilitator or counsellor for other sources of information applicable to education options for this technology.
  • Salary figures indicated in the 'How Much Will You Earn?' section are extracted from ASTTBC's Member Compensation Survey or other Canadian sources applicable to the specific technology discipline. These figures are representative only; actual figures will vary depending on academic training, practical experience, job responsibilities and location of employment.
  • The TechWORKS! web site is an important online resource and provides links to career information that will be of interest to students pursuing a career in technology.


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