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TechWORKS! Post Secondary Education

Two Key Objectives of TechWORKS!

Raise career awareness

Build seamless transitions to post secondary education

Initial steps were been taken with a number of technical colleges and institutes to these ends. These included:

Placing secondary students with post secondary students enrolled in the geomatics and forestry programs at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


Developing a new work experience model for biotechnology with industry, BC Biotech, the biotechnology department at BCIT and the Biotechnology Teaching Laboratory at the University of British Columbia.


Building linkages between work experience and post secondary opportunities through activities such as the Forestry Day planned by Malaspina University-College. Participation was offered to both teachers and students from the Nanaimo - Ladysmith and Qualicum school districts, thus linking classroom and field experience.

Partnering with BCIT in the development and distribution of career awareness materials through TechBAR! TechBAR!


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