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TechWORKS! Stakeholders & Partners

February 17, 2009...


ASTTBC Becomes Sustaining Partner of OSTEC

As part of ASTTBC’s outreach program we have taken out “Sustaining Partner’ membership with the Okanagan Science and Technology Council. “This partnership builds on ASTTBC’s work to enhance our corporate and member profile with key stakeholders across BC”, said ASTTBC’s Executive Director, John Leech. “Last year ASTTBC partnered with Okanagan College and OSTEC to host a successful Technology Skills Roundtable in Kelowna. This is a natural next step.” As part of ASTTBC’s efforts to enhance awareness the Association will sponsor an award for a science and technology teacher, to be introduced in 2010. As well ASTTBC is a sponsor of OSTEC’s awards gala coming up on March 12, 2009. See OSTEC Newsletter.


Many stakeholders have an interest in career development for young British Columbians...

students and their parents,

teachers and career facilitators,

schools, school districts and post secondary institutions,

provincial agencies and ministries and'

industry sectors and federal agencies.



TechWORKS! initiatives have built partnerships with these stakeholders to:

define a new vision for technology education in British Columbia,

develop channels for delivering improved career information,

identify new work experience opportunities,
build new career pathway programs and,
establish linkages to professional certification and development.


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