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TechWORKS! Program Overview


TechWORKS! is an industry-based initiative to link the career aspirations of young British Columbians with the human resource needs of the province's changing economy.

Working with a growing number of partners, the program's main objectives have been to:



Build technology-focused career pathways that begin at the secondary school level
Develop technology-focused career information
Identify quality work experience placements for secondary school students (this component of the program is currently on hold)


Why TechWORKS!...?

A FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE is taking place in British Columbia's economy. There is dynamic growth in technology and knowledge-based industries while major changes - again technology-driven - are emerging in more traditional sectors such as forestry and manufacturing. The application of new and innovative technology is everywhere, in the biotechnology laboratory, the electronics research centre and the local municipal engineering department.


These changes, combined with the growing number of openings created by retiring 'baby boomers', are building a demand for career-ready technology professionals... and it is today's secondary school students who will fill this demand.

TechWORKS! is a catalyst for action. By working with a broad range of stakeholders - industry, government and education - TechWORKS! has built career awareness, work experience and transition opportunities for young British Columbians.


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