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TechWORKS! Employers & Work Experience

There Are Two Ways for Employers to Become Involved in TechWORKS!

Offering work experience placements within company departments. These placements are typically technology-based, but are increasingly being offered in other organizational functions such as accounting, human resources, marketing and information systems among others.


Pairing a secondary student with a post secondary co-op student through the TechWORKS! Secondary/Post Secondary Co-op Mentorship Program.

Both types of placements are typically 40 to 100 hours in length and are unpaid. For more information on the TechWORKS! Secondary School Work Experience and work experience, please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Benefits to Employers

TechWORKS! provides employers with a single point of contact for a broad range of students.

Program staff provide knowledgeable assistance for placement development.

Participation gives employers the opportunity to evaluate future employees and build the pool of local talent.
Links through TechWORKS! to BC's secondary school system help shape new career program offerings.

Feedback from Employers

"TechWORKS! and the TechWORKS! Secondary/Post Secondary Mentorship Program allow us to make contact with the up-and-coming employees of tomorrow. It keeps us in touch with what's going on in the secondary schools and gives the students a glimpse of possible career opportunities."

Marlene Jan
Human Resources

"TechWORKS! placements with the City provide a good introduction to the engineering and maintenance aspects of public works."

Russ Carmichael, AScT,
Manager of Infrastructure Maintenance,
City of Coquitlam


"TechWORKS! makes the administration easy. This is a way for our company to give back to the community and encourage students into the technology industry."

Shannon Clements,
Human Resources Representative,
Alcatel Networks


"TechWORKS! is helping build a marketable student population to fill employment opportunities in the field of technology."

Karen Bell,
QA/QC Supervisor,


"Well-chosen and helpful students who wish to learn. TechWORKS! staff work to find the best student-placement fit."

Greg Webster,
Technical Services Manager
Dowco Computer Systems Ltd.

There are some 120 private and public organizations participating in TechWORKS! The majority have requested that their names not be presented on this site.

Steps to Get Involved?
1 - Defining the Placement

The first step is to draft a Placement Profile, available as a MS Word document. The Profile is used to define the placement and match the secondary student with the placement opportunities your organization is offering. For an example of a completed Profile, download the Sample Placement Profile.

(NOTE: The above files will download to the directory set in the your browser preferences. If you are working in MS Windows the Profile should appear on your screen. Select File/Save As and save the file to your preferred directory. Then select your browser's Back button to return to the Employer page on the TechWORKS! site. If you have any problems, please contact techworks@asttbc.org)

Contact the TechWORKS! representative in your area.

Have the representative meet with the placement sponsor(s) within your organization to refine the placement details and evaluate the working environment.
2 - Matching Placement & Student

TechWORKS! allocates each placement to a school district with a matching career program such as electronics, information technology, health sciences and so on.

The district then selects a student enrolled in the program for an interview with the employer. Placements are identified by an ID number and are protected within in each school district's work experience database so they are only allocated through TechWORKS! This allows employers to plan work experience opportunities for the year while reducing the need to evaluate additional placement requests.

3 - Placement Monitoring & Reporting

The student's teacher is responsible for completing paperwork required by the district including WCB coverage and monitoring the student during the placement.

At the conclusion of the placement, the student and teacher report to TechWORKS! on placement strengths and opportunities for improvement. This information is then relayed to the employer.


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