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TechWORKS! Student Credentialling

Approximately 34 percent of British Columbia's secondary school students enroll in career programs during Grades 11 and 12. These programs provide a specific focus to their studies. There are hundreds of locally-developed career programs around the province yet only a small proportion of graduating students receive any credential recognition for their career program specialization.

There are many excellent career programs but, few province-wide standards. For example, an electronics career program taught in one school in a particular district will likely be very different in content and rigour from an electronics program in another school in a second district. For the majority of career programs, there is therefore no way to measure what a student has achieved in Grades 11 and 12, and no means for industry or post secondary to recognise their knowledge and abilities.

Credentialling of high school students has been implemented for a few subjects - notably wood products, tourism and areas of information and communications technology - but there are a number of commonly-taught and much sought after technical areas that would benefit from having program standards, validation of delivery and measurable outcomes.

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