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TechWORKS! Career Information

The more you know about career options that reflect your interests and abilities, the sooner you will be in a position to decide... "This is the career for me!"

To help students become more aware of careers in technology, TechWORKS! has developed career profiles for the following technology disciplines or special certifications:

Biological Sciences Technology Gas & Petroleum Technology
Biomedical Engineering Technology Geomatics Technology
Building Design * Industrial Technology
Building Technology Mechanical Technology
Chemical Technology

Metallurgical Technology

Civil Technology Mining Technology
Construction Safety * Property Inspection *
Electrical Technology Public Works Inspection *
Electronics Technology Site Improvements Surveys *
Environmental Technology Steel Detailing *
Fire Protection * Timber Cruising *
Forest Resources Technology    

* denotes special certification

As well as describing what a career can offer, where you could find employment, how much you might earn and the future outlook, these profiles also give tips on what to do to get started.

Hard copies of these online profiles is also available in TechBAR! Check with your career counselor to find out if the TechBAR! career information display is at your school.

Other Sources of Career Information

There are many other sources of career information that you will find useful as you explore your career options. The following are just a few of the sources available beyond what you will find on this web site...

Canadian Technology Human Resource Board

BC Ministry of Education - Career Planning

Enjoy your explorations!

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