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BC Occupational Demand Projection

Service Canada and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development are working together to develop a detailed industrial and occupational projection for British Columbia. The updated projections will be used by governments, businesses and the post-secondary system for education and human resource planning. They will also be incorporated in career resources used by students and others, including BC Work Futures. A preliminary employment projection based on a survey conducted in January 2008 is being developed. Given the current economic situation, the authors expect the employment levels and growth rates may need to be adjusted downward for the first few years of the forecast period. www.workfutures.bc.ca





TechWORKS! ... what's it all about?

TechWORKS! is a catalyst for action. By working with a broad range of stakeholders - industry, government and education - TechWORKS! has built career awareness, work experience and transition opportunities for young British Columbians.

This web site contains much useful information on technology-focused careers and past programs initiated to support the TechWORKS! mission.

We welcome your comments and suggestions in order that we might better serve your needs and interests.

Building tomorrow through action today

Mar 2016 - Minister Shirley Bond Talks Tech Skills with ASTTBC

Mar 2016 - BC Science Outreach Workshop

Feb 2016 - College President Talks Tech Programming in Northern BC

Feb 2016 - Minister of Education Connects with ASTTBC

Feb 2016 - Camosun VP and ASTTBC CEO Meet on Tech Education

Jan 2016 - Fun STEM Apps for Kids!

Nov 2015 - ASTTBC Sponsors BC Science Teachers

Oct 2015 - Quality Science Education in BC

May 2015 - ASTTBC CEO Talks Technology Careers on Radio NL Kamloops

May 2015 - ASTTBC Supports "Kids in Space"

May 2015 - ASTTBC Donates $2500 to Big Little Science Centre

Feb 2015 - Minister Wilkinson Speaks at ASTTBC Meeting in Prince George

Jan 2015 - Members Encouraged to Support Future Technologists & Technicians

Jan 2015 - Tom Hanks on Community Colleges - Fun with a Message

Dec 2014 - Kerplunks Music Video "Good Question" Unveiled at 2014 TARC

Nov 2014 - ASTTBC Donates to BCIT Bursary Fund

Aug 2014 - CME and ASTTBC Explore Connections

Jan 2014 - ASTTBC Supports InSPIRE Advisory Committee

Nov 2013 - BCIT and Vancouver School Board Work on MoA

Nov 2013 - ASTTBC Meets Commander Chris Hadfield at Science World

Nov 2013 - ASTTBC Signs on to Science Charter

Oct 2013 - BLSC Includes ASTTBC Presentation to Government Committee

Sep 2013 - ASTTBC Supports Nanaimo Science - Nanaimo Daily News Reports!

Jul 2013 - Ministers Bond, Fassbender & Virk Meets ASTTBC

Jun 2013 - ASTTBC Congratulates Premier on 10 Year Plan

Mar 2013 - CBC Features MoA with BCIT, VBE & ASTTBC

Dec 2012 - ASTTBC is Lead Sponsor of RoboCup at Okanagan College

Oct 2012 - ASTTBC Promotes Technology Careers in Local Papers

Jul 2012 - ASTTBC Tops $25K for Big Little Science Centre

Nov 2011 - Tim Duerden, AScT - First Nations Career Council - Career Video

Nov 2011 - Robocup Poster Recognizes ASTTBC Sponsorship

Oct 2011 - ASTTBC Promotes Technology Careers in YouThink Magazine

Oct 2011 - Ministry Launches APPS...Game...Job Trend Tracker

Apr 2011 - BC Skills Competition/Pathways to Careers Showcase

Apr 2011 - ASTTBC and Big Little on CFJC in Kamloops

Apr 2011 - John Leech on B100 Kamloops

Mar 2011 - CSC Announces Manageable Growth for BC's Construction Industry

Mar 2011 - Minister Yamamoto Meets ASTTBC Leadership

Mar 2011 - Okanagan College Writes About Tech Careers; Mentions ASTTBC

Mar 2011 - Executive Director on the Jim Harrison Show-Radio NL in Kamloops


Technology Careers 2010 - ASTTBC Executive Director Talks Technology Careers on CFJC-TV - View This on YouTube

TechBAR! information display now covers Trades, Technology and Engineering plus education after high school, job outlooks and career planning.

Career Profile sheets for 23 technology disciplines updated effective July 2008.


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